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will you ever write another chapter of 'good that'??? ): i check weekly!
darkjan darkjan Said:

I will! I have one ready, and I’m working on the last one, and I’ll post both before the movie comes out, I swear!


There’s a racing within my heart


There’s a racing within my heart

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slowly but surely draw backstory of my AU Tattoo Styles


ps/ sorry - i am sooo busy at real liiifeee


Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Gag reel

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The Maze Runner Countdown | 18 days to go

↳ Dylan’s running style

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Sterek Week - Friday AU
During their fight against the latest monster of the week, Stiles might have stumbled upon a weird tree creature. If he decided to take him to Derek’s to brighten up the place, including the resident Alpha, and name him Groot because grumpy and roots, getit, well, that would totally have been one of his best plans ever…



Regeneration outtake.

(Disclaimer: I love Capaldi)


Peter you’re a terrible uncle.

Baby Derek and Papa Hale returns!! Only for fun :D

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As I’m lazy, I’m gonna answer, and I think you should answer her questions too, because they are good, and I can’t think of anything good right now.

1. Your otp can’t be together (yeah, it sucks, i warned you), choose other pairs for them.

Currently, my OTP varies from Stony to Sterek, so I’ll stick to Sterek, so… Honestly? Stiles/Malia, Derek/Me. Literally me. A me version in TW, a nice, nerdy teacher, who likes playing on PS3, and is totally into Harry Potter, and has Star Wars tattoos, and loves Literature, loves teaching Literature, and would just hug him and make him cookies when he had a bad day, and also plan his revenge against people who would do him wrong. That’s it. 

2. You can choose one tv show to change its series finale. Which show would it be and what would be the perfect ending for it?


Rachel goes to Paris with Emma, because, really? Ross is an idiotic manchild, who’s selfish and treats her like dirt all the time, and then does HALF a nice thing, and thinks he deserves to be, like, the Mayor of cool town. Argh, I hate Ross.

3. If you could name a star, what would you call it?


4. A book you’d never recommend to anyone.

50 Shades of Gray. Dude, better porn for free on the internet. Anywhere.

5. A fanfiction you love A LOT, and wish everyone reads it too.

DEAR LORD, so many of them. but, ahm, I ADORE Discovery Channel. I think I’ve read it eight times so far.

6. A fanfiction that apparently everyone in the fandom loves, but you don’t like it / don’t think it is THAT good.

Slipping Away. I mean, the angst is all there, but it’s depressing, it’s annoying, and ultimately? It isn’t all that well written. 

7. A country you would like to live in.

I think France. 

8. Hogwarts house?

Ooooh, Slytherin.


9. The most hilarious moment in your favourite tv show.

Strangely enough, the funny moments don’t stick with me all that much… Ahm, OH Yellow Fever, in Supernatural, the cat scene. That’s hilarious.

10. The character (from books, movies, or tv shows) you most relate to.

I’m never sure of this, because I relate a little bit to everyone. I think I relate a lot to Rachel, from Friends. Also Stiles in season 1. I’m a bit weird, because I relate a lot to many different issues that usually don’t go together, but I manage to make them work. So. 

11. The moment you started shipping your otp and why you think they’re perfect for each other.

The first time I saw a gif on Tumblr, and because they compliment each other so well. *-*